June 14, 2020

When we approach any project, it goes without saying that we want to do it right, but what happens when the quest to discover the right solution takes over? It can prevent decision making and halt forward progress. Then you risk missed target dates, higher costs, waste...

February 3, 2019

What exactly is software development? It’s inherently intangible. At the physical level, programming is just turning keystrokes into meaningful patterns of electrons. At the intellectual level, however, software development is a universe of its own.

A while ago, a colle...

July 23, 2018

User stories lie at the heart of the Agile process. Well defined stories can mean delivering on your commitments. Poorly written stories can lead to wasted time and carryover. However, writing "good" user stories can challenge even the seasoned software professional. W...

June 11, 2018

When an engineer makes a change to source code or tests, there are multiple steps before that change finally makes it into production. In the most basic form, these steps can merely consist of a developer compiling code on their development machine and copying the outp...

May 29, 2018

One component, upon which at many enterprise applications rely, is some form of database. It's often hard to get by without one or more, whether it's SQL, No SQL, or yet another technology. However, when you're unit testing such an application, you don't want to actual...

May 23, 2018

Mocking is an essential component to any good unit testing strategy. It allows us to replace the concrete implementation of a class with a test version whose behavior you control. When designing a system from scratch, we can use dependency inversion to make sure everyt...

May 9, 2016

It's with great excitement that I am finally able to introduce the world to Teos. This company has been my vision for a very long time. Now that I have accumulated years of experience and expertise, I want to share my passion for creating great software with you. Quali...

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