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Let's Breathe

Meditation companion and breathing coach.


Let's Breathe is your digital meditation and breathing buddy, to help you out when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed. In fact, it's multiple buddies! It uses Alexa's own voices to guide the meditation and breathing techniques live, on-demand.

It knows numerous meditations and breathing techniques, shown to help you relax:

  • Abdominal Breathing

  • Box Breathing

  • Equal Breathing (also known as Sama Vritti)

  • Starfish Breath

  • 4-7-8

  • Quick 10

  • Three Senses

  • Triangle Breathing

  • More to come!

Let's Breathe uses Amazon Polly technology to bring to life multiple Virtual Meditation Guides, each with their own personality. So you can choose a voice to match your mood or your favorite breathing technique. You can mix and match Virtual Guides and Techniques to find what works best, when you need some peace.

The line-up of Virtual Guides, waiting to breathe you to calm:

  • Abby, the unusually wise child

  • Ada, the creative musician

  • Bill, the kind philosopher

  • Catherine, the Super-Mom

  • Charlie, the "all-knowing" teen

  • Cindy, the patient teacher

  • Henry, the thinker

  • Jeanette, the compassionate writer

  • Teddy, the free-spirited one

One of these guides is sure to match your mood. Some combinations are particularly good, such as Abby, the kid, performing Starfish Breath.

Take time to care for your mental health. Take time to breathe, with Let's Breathe.

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