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Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

When we approach any project, it goes without saying that we want to do it right, but what happens when the quest to discover the right solution takes over? It can prevent decision making and halt forward progress. Then you risk missed target dates, higher costs, wasted time, idle teams, and ultimately project failure. This unfortunate condition is known as “Analysis Paralysis.”

Let’s face it, no matter how thorough of an analysis you do up-front, you’re not going to find the perfect plan. Eventually you will learn something new, priorities might shift, or the technology itself could evolve. If you’re waiting until you know everything, before you start, then you will never get started. So what’s the cure for Analysis Paralysis?

You must decide. Decide to embrace the uncertainty. Decide to make decisions, despite that uncertainty. Then you must take that first step and act on your decision. You might have missteps along the way. You probably will, but two steps forward and one step back is better than no steps at all.

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