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News Release: Teos Technology LLC Launches with new Vision

Software Engineering and Consulting company, Teos Technology LLC, registers in the State of Colorado and adopts new vision "Do good in the world."

Monument, CO

May 3rd, 2022

Map of Monument, CO

This is an exciting day at Teos Technology LLC. Today, we became a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Colorado, specializing in custom software development and consulting. We also unveiled our new vision "Do good in the world," which will drive our path forward.

About Teos Technology LLC

Teos Technology LLC Logo

At Teos Technology LLC, we believe in doing things differently. For starters, we feel that our products and services must do good in the world. With that as our vision, we strive to create products and services that actually help people and improve their lives.

One domain we’re passionate about is mental health, which doesn’t always receive enough attention in the Information Technology world. We would like to change that, both through our innovative products, and by breaking the stigma around mental health issues.

Let's Breathe logo with Amazon Alexa in background

Teos Technology LLC currently has multiple products, either in production or beta-testing, which seek to improve mental health. The first, currently in production, is Let’s Breathe, which is an Amazon Alexa Skill for guided breathing and meditation.

Screenshots of CheckIn

Our product CheckIn is an Android App, which tracks the user’s mood and sends an intervention text, if the user reports being suicidal. It also provides graphical charts, which help the user identify trends in their mood over time.

CheckIn is currently soliciting beta test users, in anticipation of its launch to production.

Media Contact

Scott J. Swindell (he/him/his)

Chief Executive Officer


This news release is available as a downloadable PDF here:

Teos Technology LLC Launch News Release 5-3-2022
Download PDF • 95KB



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